Monday, March 28, 2016

Next Book Ideas Openings: April-August 2016

Please see below for our complete schedule of openings and events in spring/summer 2016!

"Spring Books" by Rebecca Cobb

Saturday, April 2 

Saturday, April 9 
Women in the Catholic Church”: 
a talk by Vera Markert at 3pm 

Saturday, April 16 
Spring Tales”: storytelling with Lily at 3pm 

Sunday, April 24 

Saturday, April 30 

Sunday, May 8 

Saturday, May 28 
"Childhood in the GDR": 
a talk about growing up in former East Germany 
by Reiner Büter at 3pm 

Book Ideas will be closed for summer vacation from the end of May until mid-August

4月: 2日 (土), 9日 (土) 16日 (土), 24日 (日), 30日 (土) 
5月: 8日 (日), 28日 (土) 午前10時から午後5時まで

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