Thursday, July 14, 2016

Upcoming Openings & Events, August-September

Summertime can be a good time to catch up on your reading...

And to look forward to Book Ideas openings and special events after our summer break!

Saturday, August 27 
Our first opening after the long summer break

Sunday, September 4 
Special event celebrating "10 Years of Book Ideas" 

Saturday, September 10
"Iraq": a talk with Haidar Reda

Sunday, September 18 
"Women Traveling Solo": a talk with Kanzaki-san

Saturday, September 24
"Faroe Islands": a talk with Sunnva Asano

Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Ideas now on Summer Break 2016

We will be open again from mid-August! 

Keep an eye on our blog for updates about special events and presentations following the break.

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"Childhood in the GDR": Presentation on Saturday, May 28

On Saturday, May 28, Book Ideas hosted the presentation, "Childhood in the GDR".

A big thank you to Reiner Büter, whose autobiographical talk about growing up in former East Germany was both informative and humorous. 

For almost two hours, Mr. Büter made history come alive for us. And with a group of eighteen attendees, our space was almost at maximum capacity!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Updates from Book Ideas: new set-up & events before summer break

We’ve done some “spring cleaning” at Book Ideas and have a few updates to share with you. 

1. New set-up! We now have a separate area for socializing and reading, and another for quietly browsing books.

The "common room"
Peaceful browsing

2. We will have two more openings before our summer break. If you’d like to return books before we close, especially overdue books, please bring them on:

  • Sunday, May 8
    5月8日 (日) 午前10時から午後5時まで 
  • Saturday, May 28, with a special presentation at 3pm
    “Childhood in the GDR”: a talk about growing up in former East Germany by Reiner Büter
    5月28日(土)午前10時から午後5時まで 午後3時
    『東ドイツで育った私』-ライナ ブータ 
You can also drop off the books anytime in the return box on the back veranda of Book Ideas. I will be away from May 29, so please do not leave any books there in my absence.

Please continue to check the blog for updates on dates and events. 

And don’t worry: Book Ideas will be back from vacation in the middle of August!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Ideas opening on Saturday, April 30

Please join us at the next Book Ideas opening this coming Saturday, April 30! We will be open from 10am to 5pm as usual.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Book Ideas opening on Sunday, April 24

Thanks to everyone who came to see the very talented Lily and her "springtime storytelling" session last Saturday, April 16. Kids and adults alike enjoyed listening to her read aloud!

Please join us at the next Book Ideas opening this coming Sunday, April 24. We will be open from 10am to 5pm as usual. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Introducing our "Mission Statement"

We've created a mission statement to describe our identity as "Book Ideas", to summarize the services we offer, and to clarify our goals and intentions. 

Please read on...and feel free to share!

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In all of the countries my family has lived in and traveled to, we've collected books. 

After settling in Fuchu, Japan in 2004, my daughter and I held our first Book Ideas event in the Momijigaoka Bunka Center in August 2006 as a way to share our books with the public. Since July 2015, Book Ideas has a permanent home at Momijigaoka 1-38-9. 

It can be difficult to answer the question, “what is Book Ideas?” That’s because Book Ideas “is” many different things. Here are just a few examples: 

A library with nearly 3,000 books spanning a wide variety of genres 
- A place in which to relax and read 
- A place to discuss books and discover new titles 
- A place to attend book talks 
- A place to check out items 

An event space where we organize and host an unusual lineup of activities
- Including presentations on topics ranging from “South Sudan” to “Childhood in the GDR”, seasonal celebrations such as Easter egg painting and Halloween pumpkin carving, activities and crafts, offbeat events and events specially intended for target audiences, such as children’s sessions. 

A place for socializing, meeting new people, and catching up with friends!